Zone Music Trailers – Best of

A new release has arrived from Zone Music!

Zone Trailers bring together a brand new ‘best of’ compilation to celebrate their first year of cinematic releases.

Brought to you by UK production music label Zone Music, the trailer-focused label was ignited after the successes of previously released albums “Big Cinematic Trailers”, “Epic Cinematic Trailers” and “Big Screen Heroes”.

Taking the stand-out tracks from eight powerfully charged albums “Best Of Zone Trailers Vol One” showcases the broad quality of material housed on the label. From inaugural release “Epic Trailer Power” to the brooding intensity of “Maximus”, the ancient cinematic “Colossus” and powerful “Apocalypse Rising” to the exciting “Dramatic Edge”, pounding action of “Enforcer”, the gripping “Riders Of The Storm” and triumphant determination of “Total Combat”.

Featuring compositions from the talents of composers Gustavo Coutinho Pereira, Matthew Chastney and Vlado Hudec, this album is the best representation of what Zone Trailers has to offer.

Now available worldwide for the first time on various online stores:

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