Zack Hemsey – Empty Room album – official review, Part I

Zack Hemsey – Empty Room Review

          Last year in March 2010, composer/artist Zack Hemsey released an album EmptyRoom. Interestingly, this was before Inception was released. In this album, Zack hits on situations and issues that the ordinary person goes thru. For once, this isn’t an album that talks aboutdrugs, sex and so forth. Rather, it truly appeals to the essence of humannature. As you read, you will see what I mean.

The first song, The Arrival touches on a interesting concept; a man goes
on vacation for a two-week leave and he travels to his cabin up north to
get away from the hustle and bustle of life. He is going to join his
family made up of his wife and only son once he arrives. However, as he
is getting ready, a disturbing phone comes in; it is his wife. In a
trembling voice,  she says the words: “We are not alone.” Imagine the
reaction: Literally blown away and befuddled by what has happened, a cold
feeling comes over his whole being. What would he do?
Without hesitation, the husband calls the local authorities to assist in
investigating the situation. He races toward the supposed vacation spot.
After a four hour long excursion, he rushes into the house to find no
one. A full search commences as  police comb each and every inch of the
house for any signs. No vehicles, shoes or anything that would indicate
anyone was ever here. There was no signs of a struggle, forced entry. Now
the husband is truly confused; but rather than concede defeat, he pushes
on ever forward in hopes of finding his loved ones. One thing does catch
his eye: There were no footprints and he knew that entry into the house
could only come one way- through the chimney flue.

He reaches the rooftop and looks and sees 30 acres of endless land.
Federal agents eventually join the search party. Still, there were no
clues ever discovered.As the search goes on and there is no evidence of his wife and son, the
man prays that this whole situation was just a ruse of theories and no
truth.The song ends with the ominous words: “We are not alone.”

Zack Hemsey was the main singer in this song, accompanied by the vocals

of Heather Bolan.

The second song, is Remember Me. It begins with the hollow vocals of
Heather Bolan: “I’ll always love you. Then in comes the rhyming of Zack
Hemsey. There is a loving home, with three kids and the father and
mother; the perfect family, as it would seem.
But then comes the diagnosis that would forever change the lives of
everyone involved; the young woman has liver cancer, and even worse, it
is terminal. Now, she is faced as to what do with her remaining time.
When the rest of the family hears the shocking news, their initial
reaction of denial is evident. She tries her best to comfort them with
these words:

“I know you’re worried
Don’t be afraid
I’ve always loved you
I’ll always love you

You’re pain it makes my body hurt
You need to know
I’ve always loved you
I’ll always love you “

It has been some time now, that this young lady has been dealing with her
sickness; she has lost all of her hair, and has become frail and lean.
The father contemplates the imminent reality now facing him. The daughter
and the two young brothers are stricken with grief as to how to move on.
Rather than sulk, he has the determination to come out of this situation
brand-new, because he knows that if not, his sadness could send him
buried aswell. He says to his wife: “Your warmth is felt and we do
cherish you. Know your’re in our hearts.As the wife, now dying, says with her last breath to her husband, the theme of this song: “Remember me.”

The third track, Changeling brings out the bond that two young kids, boy
and girl have growing up together. She tells the young boy that even
though she doesn’t want to be over him, he is not who she thought he once

The girl now feels the need to go out into the real world and earn
her place, as it were. The vocalist, Heather Bolan is depicted as this
young girl and Zack Hemsey is the boy. He supports the girl, hoping in
his mind, that she would return back to him. So she leaves, and as the
time goes on first, days and then weeks, he realizes that she was
serious. The girl had told him, you are not you. The boy reaches out to

her and asks that they reintroduce themselves.

But in the end, the girl repeats the theme of the song:

Don’t wanna be over you
But you are not you

Don’t wanna be over you
But you are not you
You are not you

The fourth track, Open Spaces is interesting. This is an open song. It
gives the impression that one is just in space with no walls to cut the
person off from the world. NO lyrics here.

The fifth track, At War With Me, is a song dealing with two different
individuals with inward conflicts. The first is that of a young boy that
was recruited by a child by a militia. As he places his hand on the
weapon, sweat engulfs his forehead as he is intrusted to shoot his
father. He does with heavy regret, while drawing loud appauluse . He has
to compose himself to move onward. As the days pass on, he’s hoping that
each day will bring him a reprieve.

The second scenario is that of an individual under the influence of a
cult leader trying to exploit him as an instrument of war. The leader is
a Manchurian female. Yet, he feels an attraction toward her as evidenced
by the following lines:

But the beauty of her form brings violence
And I succumb to dancing with this Siren
And I can feel the weight of this unload

Unfortunately, he finds the opposite to be true as she has a checkered
past. He recognizes the only is to end the journey of his twin that
desired to be with her.

The sixth track, Empty Room talks about a would be artist regretting that
he had a chance to be fame only to have it pass him by. He put so much
time, money into what he so adored never expecting it to end this way.
Concedingly, he thinks that his works could have caused some sort of
radical change in the world, evoking some sort of revolution or cause for
change. He ends the stanza saying:

So be advised and have the knowledge from this poem occurred
This from the greatest artist in the world you never heard

And guess who that was? Think hard enough and it will come to you. THe
next stanza is sung by Harris Stang depicting another artist who’s in an
empty room surrounded by four walls. Hes writing what he perceives to be
a masterpiece though no audience is present. He refers to himself as a
bird in the cage who breaks his wings and as he hits the “cage”, it
recharges his spirit and gives him even more fuel.

The artists liken themselves to Beethoven and Bach who never really had a
chance to blossom. They hope that somehow someday, that their work will
be exhumed and somehow the spirit that they created their songs will
catch among the masses and spark change.

Did you soak in all that? Hope so, cause next time we’re coming with the
rest of the review of this album!
Read the second part of the review here!
Stay tuned!

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