X Ray Dog

Artist Biography
X-Ray Dog is a music production company who focus on creating trailer music for TV and Film. They have produced

some inspiring music which has been used in trailers for such blockbuster films as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows. X-Ray Dog has put together a total of 55 albums for use by the TV and Film industries; however none of their music is available for the public to purchase as yet it can still be listened to on their website. The company specializes in the creation of uplifting, epic sounding scores that manage to inspire the listener.

X- Ray Dog music review
It’s hard to know where to start with the music of X-Ray Dog as they have released so much material since their first release in 2002. Most of the music they create sounds like something that could be straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster, which is appropriate since they market towards the film industry. The question is, does their brand of music stand out as something unique in a market saturated by epic music. Much of the music created by X-Ray Dog places a strong emphasis on choral sound making it a grandiose experience. A track titled Eternity certainly features a rousing choir as does Hellraiser. There is one element in particular that sets the music of X-Ray Dog apart from the other creators of Epic music and that is the gothic undertone. It’s good to hear music that is not only dramatic but also sinister and quite often chilling. They are also adept at creating music that is uplifting as exemplified by the powerful track called Allegiance. The prophet is a track that falls into quite a different category thanks to a mellow sound.
The best tracks by X-Ray Dog
X-Ray Dog has produced some phenomenal tracks that truly are a cut above many of their rivals. By far one of the greatest tracks that have produced has to be The Final Challenge. It is heartfelt and epic, sad and beautiful.
Overall opinion
X-Ray Dog is an exceptional music production company with a wealth of great tracks to their name. They have produced music for some stellar movies from the recent Sherlock Holmes film to the third Transformers blockbuster. X-Ray Dog is one of the best companies in the business and given their track record they should be here for some time to come. 

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