Trailer Music and Me.

Wikipedia defines ‘Trailer Music’ as follows: Trailer Music (a subset of production music) is the background music used for film previews, which is not always from the film’s soundtrack. The purpose of this music is to complement, support and integrate the sales messaging of the mini-movie that is a film trailer.
Hi, my name is Jan Scheureck and since February 2012 I am an author for Trailer Music Vibe. I want to present you my story, how I find the source of trailer music, how I define it and what changed in my time since I got in contact with this enormous kind of music.
            It all had begun summer 2009. July 2009. I was trolling around on YouTube, when suddenly I clicked on a random video. It was a stick figure animation video called ‘Stick Figures on Crack 2’. There was a sequence where a track by Immediate Music played – ‘Blasphemy 2.0’ by Yoav Goren. I was totally flashed of this short track, even if it was a real crappy quality. I wanted to know what this track was called. Because before this time I only listened to film soundtracks, some pop music and classic. Even now I listen to pop music (Lena Meyer Landruth, Alizée, Sabrina Abu-Obreid), but much less then almost 3 years ago. I was a big fan of Hans Zimmer and John Williams, aswell as Clint Mansell and John Murphy. Even know I count them as one of the best composers. But then this stick figure animation video appeared. And someone wrote the name of the track in the comment section below. As fast as I could I was searching this track – and was flashed again. Great orchestra, fantastic choir, and so fast. I totally went crazy to this track, minutes later I clicked on other Immediate Music tracks (‘Fahrenheit’, ‘Ultimatum’, ‘An Epic Age’, ‘Final Omen 2.0’). The following 3 weeks I was listening every day to Immediate Music. I was downloading every Immediate track I found. Of course only Immediate Music, because I didn’t know other companies at this time. During this time I was also very successful with my YouTube account ‘SanchezMyrick’. I uploaded many tracks of specific movies, like ‘The Rock’, ‘The Perfume’, ‘Jaws’ – just classical tracks. But because of 2 copyright strikes, I decided to delete all my videos at the end of September 2009. Every video. I left almost 200 subscribers alone. Well… no reason to be melodramatic now.
            Of course, there were some uploaders on YouTube with trailer music I preferred. Unfortunately, they are all gone now. My two favorite uploaders were the user ‘sedna1990’ and ‘TrailerXMusic’. Both died of copyright strikes. I will never forget you guys. But time was going on, so was I. 2009 will reach the end, I learnt some new companies, like ‘Groove Addicts’, ‘audiomachine’ and ‘X-Ray Dog’. I have to say, in 2009 I totally hated the tracks by audiomachine and XRD. I could hate me now for that. But why? Because I listened to the wrong albums, or more to wrong tracks. They don’t had the powerful style like the Immediate tracks I was listening to. But this should change. In December 2009. The trailer for ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron was published. I saw it on the cinema the first time. I wanted to watch Roland Emmerich’s shit-movie ‘2012’ with my brother, we both were very exciting for it. But, as always, trailers will be presented. And I saw ‘Avatar’. I was flashed, I was shocked. It was brilliant. The music totally got me. I was sitting – with my mouth wide opened, and I am not lying. When I first heard ‘Akkadian Empire’ and ‘Guardians at the Gate’, the first thing I was thinking was: I need these tracks. I fucking need them! My love for audiomachine was born.
I think I am not the only one when I say, that backwards I really thought that the music, which was used in movie trailers, also were the origin soundtrack. I often was disappointed then, when I didn’t hear the trailer music again. When ‘2012’ was finished, me and my brother went home, I opened as fast as I could my computer, clicked on YouTube and searched the ‘Avatar’-trailer. Few seconds later I found out, what the tracks were called. And my YouTube-trailer music-collection was growing and  growing the following 1,5 years.

2010 – probably the most epic year for me. In January I listened to a track by Two Steps From Hell for the first time – ‘Protectors of the Earth’. I was again flashed. And declared Two Steps From Hell as my top favorite trailer music company, after I was listening to more tracks by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix. In 2010 I learnt many nice people who are still uploading trailer music on YouTube. Tibor Kacska (known as KACSKA16, now KacskaTB) showed me many new tracks, and also many new companies like for example Pfeifer Broz. Music Inc, Bruton Music, Killer Tracks, Perfect Picture Music, West One Music, Brand X  Music, Future World Music… and so on. He also uploaded my number 1 favorite trailer music track, which actually isn’t that bombastic like other tracks – ‘An Unfinished Life’ by Danail Getz. This track gives me every time a lot of goose bumps. The fantastic build-up, the perfect work with piano and strings, and this excellent mix of dramatic sadness and hopefully light really made me cry when I heard it the first time. An unbelievable track. I love it. My music collection reached more than 1,000 tracks, until the end of 2010. But in the middle of this year I decided to join the trailer music company – so I created a new YouTube channel, called ‘SpeedUp15x’. But the goal was not uploading trailer music tracks, I wanted to upload it in a faster way, so I speeded it up by 50%. They sounded like ‘chipmunked’ and many people didn’t like this versions, but I really won some fans. But, about a half year later, this stuff started to annoy me, therefore I closed this channel without anyone telling it. I left exactly 43 subscribers alone. Again. I am such an asshole, huh? I guess they are still waiting for my comeback. Does anyone have a tissue, please? ‘sniff’
            Not even Tibor Kacska, also Rex Eternum, Jennifer Martin and Evan Major were new people I am still in contact with, and I guess these 4 people are the most known uploaders of trailer music, besides park0urfreak of course. It is December 2010, I started a comeback with YouTube, now with my old channel ‘MyrickMovies’. But I didn’t uploaded single tracks, I started to do my first music mixes, and I had a little bit success with them. People liked them, and my Epic Music Mix IV was an experiment I started, which no one every made before – an 1 Hour Mix. Actually, it is only 53 minutes long, but nevertheless I was the first one on YouTube who made such a long Epic Music Mix. And still now people are watching it, commenting on it. Of course, it is not the best one, but the first one, and I am a little bit proud of it. Almost 2,000 likes, 50 dislikes. Good result, isn’t it? Year 2011 is coming.
Even 2011 was a very special year, because I made a really big update. But first of all, after 4 months I decided to stop with ‘MyrickMovies’ – AGAIN! I left almost 300 subscribers alone. I really was successful with it, but… what the fuck is wrong with me? I really don’t know. But for god’s sake I made my comeback with ‘MyrickMovies’ few days ago.
            But why is 2011 also a special year? Because I started to composed by myself. Yes, it is true. In April 2011 I founded Kayfenja Music, which exactly still exist, but I don’t produce music anymore. The problem is, I am not good enough. I published 3 tracks, which actually got good feedback, but I was not happy with them. So, I didn’t stop composing, but I stopped showing my compositions the Internet. At the moment, Kayfenja Music is down, but it is not dead. I am planning something special with it, but no more information. A new focus was born. Newcomers were coming. I really started to like the works by Daniel Yount and Jeremiah Pena. They really made a good job. Even now I am following them, but not that voyeuristic like in 2011. I was expanding on Facebook, learnt many nice people on Facebook, many nice trailer music fans. The trailer music company was in the beginnings, I was in the beginnings, so this was perfect. Groups were born, we were talking about trailer music (and still am), insiders were born. On this way I learnt Krzysztof Wencel, a polish pianist and young composer, which I have actually a really good contact to him. I would say he is a perfectionist. He really takes his time with producing music. And I am proud to be always the very first who will listen to his music – even if it is not done. Contacts were growing, I started to talk and get in contact with trailer music composer – and, almost everyone accepted it! This is fantastic. The composers want to stay in contact with their fans, talk with them, share their music with us. I talked to some really talented composers, was promoting new comers in the middle of 2011 (I was the guy who made Splilmer Music popular on YouTube). Some very nice and cooperative composers are Jo Blankenburg, Thomas Adam-Habuda, Jochen Flach and of course Erik Ekholm, who has maybe the best contact to us. But something else happened – in August 2011 I deleted my whole trailer music collection. About 1,000 tracks, all ripped off from YouTube, were gone. What happened?
The heaven opened his gates for me. I found the way to get all the fantastic trailer music before YouTube will see them. I have to thank Krzysztof Wencel again, who really helped me in this case. Now I am in possession of more more than 30,000 tracks, and this collection is still growing. I am a collecter, yes, I am. I am not deleting bad tracks. Of course, there are many bad tracks, but I can’t delete them. It’s like my personally drug. Gotta catch ‘em all!
            My knowledge of trailer music was growing too. And still is. I opened a new YouTube channel, called ‘CaelumDecem’, where I was uploading full trailer music albums, but lost my password. Left again 102 people alone. On 4th August 2011 I started again with a new channel, called ‘DissensionHD’. My goal with this was to upload tracks, which aren’t on YouTube yet. Pearls. This channel was really successful, but deleted it end of March 2012. I am such an asshole. Really.
2012. About 5 months it begun. I was asked to join a radio station which present trailer music. I was really happy about this offer, and of course I said YES. So, since that time I am the personal assistant to Germany’s only radio station which plays trailer music moderator. Things really went better. One month later, February 2012, Leighton Williams asked me to join his website Trailer Music Vibe. I said No. Ha, of course I said Yes, otherwise I can’t publish this text then, huh?
Trailer music changed my life. In a positive way. I totally love film music and classical music, but I fucking pray to trailer music. I don’t know why there are really people who dislike this music. In my class I am the freak, the guy who doesn’t listen to ‘real’ music. Well… I am proud to be a freak. Because when those mainstream listeners wanted to know which music played in what trailer, they need my help. Then the freak is ‘cool’. Otherwise he is still a freak. Whatever. It is my goal to tell everyone about trailer music, to present it, even if we have to life with the opinions of those people, who are more into Hip-hop and such stuff. But for god’s sake I am not alone. The internet is full of more freaks. And I am happy with them. I am happy with you guys. You showed me, that there’s still humanity. Nah, just kidding. If Trailer Music Live will come one time to Europe, I want to meet you all, guys. All of you. And that’s the reason why I write for Trailer Music Vibe. Because I love this work. Trailer Music will expand, but hopefully not too much, because we need our freak-freedom. I don’t want that  trailer music will go mainstream, I am honest. It is more special when we keep it more underground. It is good that most people don’t know it really. Even if we have to show it everyone. Just decide who is ‘everyone’.
Thank you for your attention, and good bye. 

P.S.: Last but not least I want to add my personally Top 10 trailer music composers / companies. Opinions may differ. Of course. 

Top 10 Trailer Music Composer:
1:- Paul Dinletir
2:- Thomas Bergersen
3:- Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
4:- Danail Getz
5:- Nick Phoenix
6:- Kevin Rix
7:- Christopher Haigh
8:- Yoav Goren
9:- Jo Blankenburg
10:- Jochen Flach

Top 10 Trailer Music Companies:
1:- audiomachine
2:- Two Steps From Hell
3:- Immediate Music
4:- X-Ray Dog Music Inc.
5:- Epic Score
6:- Brand X Music
7:- Gothic Storm Music
8:- PostHaste Music
9:- PP Music
10:- Pfeifer Broz. Music Inc.

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