Why listen to film trailer music?

Hello again to all,
Have you ever listened to trailer music and your friends/relatives gave that weird look as if to say And you call that music? It is true that trailer music as a whole isn’t part of the mainstream contemporary music played on the radio, TV, mp3 players, etc. However, in the short time that I’ve been listening to this music, I can honestly tell you that once it hits your ears, you will NEVER look at music the same way again.
As was brought in another post, the song featured there features epic driving percussions along with orchestra. Indeed, just as music in general inspires different moods in the listener, let’s say that trailer music gives feelings that reach into your inner core.
Most trailer music is epic in nature, characterized by orchestra, driving percussions, and amazing choir accompaniments. However as time has already gone, the range has expanded, reaching even into, the realm of contemporary music.
Have you ever felt down in the dumps, or at a crossroads in your life? There are albums that serve to inspire the listeners to get up and continue to persevere even in the face of adversity.
Trailer music has a growing fan base and this site will aim to capture those enthusiasts.
So give trailer music a listen… you just might like it.

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