We are on the “Verge of Total Chaos”

All great changes are preceded by chaos and we are indeed on the verge of total chaos.

51t+vquVnhL._SL500_AA280_So says the tagline of the album distributed under the Position Music label. A while back, there was a review of this release, composed by Danny Cocke posted on TMV. (You can check that here.) While it is true that the meaning of various songs can be interpreted on the part of the listener, oftentimes there are still clear underlying messages that are present. Oftentimes, you will hear tracks like these used in a major film trailer campaign, video game, or otherwise. However, it is only when you “detach” the song as it were from the aforementioned and then review it on it s own merit and theme, that the result is different. This is what we will aim to do in this post.

After reading this, you can take a listen to the album here and then judge for yourself.



To begin with, here is the following track list in order:

1. Verge of Total Chaos

2. Sinister Intent

3. Great Deceiver

4. Extra Dimensional

5. Soldiers of Truth

6. By Subconscious Design

8. The Guardians

9. Harbinger

10. Forging A New Light

11. Parasite

12. Reptile

Our Only Hope

Let’s take the first one. To start with, we need only look back at the theme statement: All changes are preceded by chaos and we are indeed on the verge of total chaos. What could the composer have possibly had in mind when producing this track?

Well, take a look at the album cover. What do we see? It is some kind of spectacular phenomena taking place directly above the..Earth. The sky and clouds above have an ominous tone to them as well. This strange event is directly affecting the world. Now, would you not agree that as a whole, does it not seem that big changes or upheavals are on the horizon?

The key is that events occuring now are hinting that there IS a major change that is coming and that we’re at that tipping point into oblivion. Total chaos would involve the entire planet.

The second one is Sinister Intent. It is beleived that there are a select group of individuals who want to help the world as it were to progress as a whole, but this is all a mask for their true intentions, which are sinister.

Great Deceiver: Again, we look at the world for this. This refers to the ultimate one is responsible for the veil of deception. Extra Dimensional referes to out of this dimension, or reality. It has been held there could be parallel realities or dimensions other than the one we’re in.

Soldiers of Truth; In this time since the rise of the Internet, many a site as gone into depth about various meanings behind events in past and present history.

By Subconscious Design is an interesting title. This shows the hint that everything we see around us, isn’t always what it seems. There are much hidden meaning.

Harbinger is the ninth track on the album. What’s the theme here? Well, we need to ook at the definition of the term. There are a few definitions according to the Miriam-Webster online dictionary.

However, it is the b section of the second variation of the term that we’re interested in.

b : one that presages or foreshadows what is to come.

Throughout history, there have always been those who call themselves prophets of the sort to warn humanity of things that were yet to come. It is no different today, many are endeavoring to do just this. OF course, humans aren’t the only harbingers, the message(s) can also be dissemanted through other mediums, in the natural world and modern one, such as…that’s right, MUSIC..like the one we’re reviewing right now!

Forging A New Light is an interesting title. Again, let’s recall and keep in mind the overall theme of the album: verge of total chaos. If the world is in the verge of total meltdown, what could possibly be the connection here? Simply put, if things are falling apart, then what would be needed? To Forge, or create a new light to build from.

Parasite is the eleventh track, the frenetic rhythm and clashing brass throughout the song seem to give the impression of a lethal and deadly infection which spreads itself en masse.

Our Only Hope is thefinal track on this album. One can think of as things are coming apart at the seams the need for a hope. What the hope is can vary as far the individual goes, but the fact remains that, there would definitely be a hope that can be looked to as a positive beacon if you will.

Well there you have it.





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