Vocalist with Nature Shock Music

Nature Shock Music has obtained the services of a vocalist by the name of Anita Vrisk.

She was kind enough to allow TMV to interview her.

1) How did you meet Jannik Schmidt of NSM?
Well, we are in the same dub group called “FANSPEAKERS” and we had some projects together. He asked me to take a try at his new song and I tried. And, oh, how I failed. Seriously! I changed for one octave and then gave it back to Jannik. I always said how bad it was, but he insisted that it was really good and, now, we work together again. So excited to hear the result!
2) What inspired you to start singing?
) I really can not tell you when all had started, but my first singing video on YouTube was the song “Still Doll” from Kanon Wakeshima. Oh, good old times… I always titled them “Me singing XYZ” – how embarassing. Ah well, what I can remember is, that I really liked the song “Eyes on Me” from Faye Wong and Nobou Uematsu in “FINAL FANTASY VIII”. I was seven or eight and I did not understand, what she was singing and I just went with “Lala~ah” and so on. And then, “1000 words” from the songstress Lenne in “FINAL FANTASY X-2” really cought my attention and I practised with it. Trying to reach the notes and so on. But I guess what really keeps me singing, is that feeling when I sing and if it sounds good in the programme, I am even more happy! If it sounds bad, I’ll try to sing it another time, when I feel like it – Which is bad for my projects! *hahaha*

Once again, thanks to Anita!

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