“Untold”, legends to be told.

Every once in a while, life will present you with an unmissable opportunity and I, about three days ago, was blessed with one. It came in the form of a picture someone uploaded in one of the social networks I’m part of. A friend, and fellow trailer music fan, had posted the cover of one of the new albums that will come out this season. Immediately the image gained my attention, it was simple, a beautiful composition of brows, ochers and gold, and between appeared the composer’s name “James Dooley”. In my mind resounded the old songs from “Orchestal series II”, album that I keep a pleasant memory, so I started searching the new work.
It was brief because Spotify offered me to hear the album, so I put it without pretension after reading the description of the album. I was wrong.

The first chords of “Scorn” shocked me, the piano, the violin, the cold pauses between them interlaced with the choir, the melody running over with melancholy, by the end of the song I sat there with watery eyes.

But the tears dried up quickly because by then “Journey Tales” had started. Suddenly it seemed, indeed, that a journey had begun right here, in my room. Something about the song reminded me of the most epic songs of Shore, and I let myself get carried away.

Then Mystified presented itself, taking me to a deep nightly forest, and the kind of night where you know that the most mythical creatures awake and come to life.

From there began a succession of songs that, before I could realize it, happened to start the final stretch of the album with “The Greatest loss” and “Letting Go”, songs that, no doubt about it, could put music to the saddest scenes of the best films.

I could keep talking about the disc, the uniqueness of songs like “Seven Little Dreams”, it’s brilliant stat that makes you think what kind of dreams could hide behind the melody, or “The Last Tango”, whose title made me doubt since I didn’t believe that a tango could be well suited to the epic music, but thank the heavens that I turned out to be wrong, and even smiled when the music reminded me the south of my country, Spain.

When the last of the songs finished, I bought a digital copy of the album, but I felt uneasy. I vaguely remembered the previous work of Dooley, “Wonderstruck”, but I couldn’t associate it with any particular song, so I listened to it once again. When it came to “Vindication” I knew that on my first time around listening to this album I did not pay attention to it that it rightfully deserved. These days I’m making up for my previous error, and enjoying it fully.

Truth to be told, moments like these make me think that this music, trailer music, is experimenting a exponential growth. In just a few weeks time we’ve been through for the emotions of hearing the Elysium, Two Steps From Heaven, Untold… Today while joking with my friends, I said that the space race was a mere friendly jog between comrades in comparison with the “war of quality” the trailer music companies seem to have initiated between them, just to see which ones can come up the best album of the year, among which, undoubtedly, the Untold is one of the strongest candidates.


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