Universal Publishing Production Music teams up with drummer Kye Smith

“Punks on Speed” by Kye Smith and Michael Ferfoglia is out now on SpotifyiTunes and UPPM

LONDON, UK, June 2017: Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world’s leading production music company, has teamed up with masterful drummer Kye Smith for the release of “Punks on Speed”. In collaboration with Michael Ferfoglia, the new album is now available to stream and download on SpotifyiTunes and UPPM.

Drummer Kye Smith, became a YouTube sensation in 2013 after the world saw him burn through the entire back catalogue of Nirvana in just five minutes. Kye also honoured the likes of Blink-182, The Beatles and Foo Fighters in his 5 minute drum chronologies – shared on social media by Dave Grohl himself.

Originally from Australia, Kye’s notorious talent for drumming saw him travel to the USA to perform his famous The Beatles chronology live at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks halftime show in 2016. Kye is also the drummer and manager of punk rock band Local Resident Failure who are currently performing a season of gigs.

Michael, also a member of ‘Local Resident Failure’, has a strong background as a studio engineer and punk rock producer. A talented guitarist, he has previously composed music for high profile TV adverts in Australia and was instrumental in bringing Punks on Speed to life.

Now partnering with UPPM, the duo’s debut album for production music is part of the Bruton label and is the latest offering in its Burn series. The Bruton label delivers cutting edge contemporary sounds using a rich catalogue with over 40 years of heritage. Punks on Speed was mastered in the famous Metropolis Studios in London, features 12 tracks composed by Kye Smith and Michael Fergolia. The album boasts a balanced harmony of speed and precision, fulfilled with a lurking influence of Travis Barker and Tre’ Cool. With heavy guitar laden hooks backing the drumming skills, Punks on Speed is best suited to intense, fast paced and energetic style productions and for those who like their music turned up loud!

Craig Beck – Head of Production at UPPM says: “Kye and Michael have executed a refreshing new album which caters for both production and commercial use. Punks on Speed will take you on a journey through adolescence, evoking Green Day and NOFX nostalgia. It is the perfect album for listeners craving high tempo music and ideal for fast paced productions.”

Punks on Speed is now available to download  here and below:

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‘Punks on Speed’ – track list:

  1. Wise Up
  2. Wheels in Motion
  3. Power Slide
  4. Stay Gold
  5. Ska After Party
  6. Ignite the Fire
  7. Bottles and Rockets
  8. Chasing New Heights
  9. Thrasher
  10. Short View
  11. Gotta Live Hardcore
  12. Bucket List

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