Amotz Plessner & Sterling Campbell

c and Sterling Campbell are renowned composers of this time. Both have been accredited with numerous productions, both separately and in collaboration. Amotz Plessner has an exclusively rich timeline where he is remembered to have coined the theme tunes of X-Men and Iron-man movies. In addition to this, he has also contributed to the music world by developing an online library by the name of “Underground Music”. He conceptualized the copyrights of underground music by controlling its replication while providing it for the audience’s aesthetic. Another of his contributions to the music industry has been his co-founded Coyote Hills, a Los-Angeles based commercial music house. He has not only made music, but also promoted it.
On the other hand, Sterling Campbell has a luscious history of exceptional drumming which brought him to his present status of fame. Having started his passion during his teen years, Sterling Campbell received an opportunity while performing with Cyndi Lauper. Thereafter, Sterling Campbell has evolved into the most sought after drummer of his time. He currently holds credits on 97 albums, and has a work experience with 28 artists including the top notch artists like David Bowie, Duran Duran etc.
Amotz Plessner and Sterling Campbell’s collaboration has been observed in the album titled “Notes from the Underground”. This album features dark, haunting and suspenseful music, much like the introduction of an enemy. It eventually transcends into heroic and big binding musicals constituting the orchestra and the choir. Amotz Plessner and Sterling Campbell’s composition can be regarded as Film and Trailer music for its mysterious nature. Its gradual transition from dark and haunting into suspenseful heroic music is what creates the unmatched attraction in the soundtrack. Amotz Plessner and Sterling Campbell’s rich experience is clearly reflected in the album with its unique highs and lows to match the emotional requirement of the audience. This particular album “The Notes from the Underground” is widely available through numerous online music portals like Raven Music, Royalty Free Music etc. In addition to this album, Amotz Plessner and Sterling Campbell have indulged in other projects together like Journey to the Golden Ark and others. Their versatility is evident from the numerous moods of music they have composed and produced. From dark and haunting to light-headed and heroic, their transition from one type of music into another is absolutely commendable. “The Notes from the Underground” constitutes as one of the epic scores on their credit. Orchestra and Choir can be regarded as their personal strengths for the enlightening blend of the two to create not only the haunting and suspenseful tunes but also the heroic and gothic tunes. Amotz Plessner and Sterling Campbell are two of the most sought and popular artists of the decade and their astounding works continue to unroll with increasing audience expectations and ever increasing creativity and perfection on behalf of the composers. Even though the duration of their productions is relatively brief, nevertheless the die-hard audience feel no awkwardness in following them.

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