Two Steps From Hell – Solaris

Two Steps From Hell has produced yet another ‘trailer music’ album by the name of  Solaris.  The main composer and talent here on the release was Alex Pfeffer.  Pfeffer has composed trailer music cues for the music library  such as Fatal Fury,  Crack in Time and Exodus  on the prior  production music release Nero.

You can listen to Solaris on Extreme Music, who is a distributor of the music of Two Steps From Hell. A good cue to check for the epic music fan is Escape from the Mothership. The track is laced with heavy dose of guitar work from the beginning with occasional choral support. There is even a hint of electronica to “bridge” the two halves of the song. Solaris features twenty original cues in total. Overall, the nature of this album can be summed up in a few words: hybrid, orchestral all condensed in this  epic music feature.

Another riveting cue to audition is Locating the Core. The track opens with a urgent and frenetic flurry of strings and leads right into an attack of rock and choir. It kept the attention of my ears all the way to the end and hopefully it can do the same for you.

Licensing requests and use in media projects can be conducted through Extreme Music on their official site.

Happy listening from Trailer Music Vibe!

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