Two Steps From Hell – SkyWorld Review

Two Steps From Hell has recently released their third public album, SkyWorld. It is now available for purchase on Itunes. So, what was the verdict of this release?
Before I give my analysis, here is the tracklist.

1.All Is Hell That Ends Well
2.Titan Dream
3. SkyWorld
4.El Dorado
5.The End Is the Beginning
6. All the Kings Horses
7. Realm of Power
8. Winterspell
10. Juggernaut
11 .Dark Ages
12.Our Last Hope
13. Icarus
14. For the Win
15.Sun & Moon
16. Big Sky
17. Starfleet
18. Queen of Crows
19. Blizzard
20. Breathe
21. Back to the Earth
22. Ocean Kingdom

Skyworld review

Like recent albums from TSFH, this album brings with it a mix of various elements of trailer music. This is evident from the beginning track, All Is Hell That Ends Well. At first, it starts out with the typical melodic tone that we’re used to hearing from Two Steps From Hell. It sounded very promising, and I slowly started to get into the song when there came whomp whomp

This was a pleasant surprise  but also somewhat was a bit of a letdown. This is not a knock on this track as I adored the other elements, but the dubstep section was sort of offputting.

The album also contains never before heard cues, which is a marked difference from previous public albums.

Standout tracks

The title track of SkyWorld was a great earmark on this. The sweeping dramatic and orchestral theme begged for my attention. The song conjured up images of a world above the heavens and beyond. El Dorado was another track which had a rigorous melody and got me into the flow of great music.

For The Win is an excellent example of a song with an upbeat and great tempo. Sweeping orchestral scores are what characterize the ‘SkyWorld’ release.

Overall opinion

Two Steps From Hell has come with another epic trailer music album which contains music to enlighten one’s soul . The 20+ of tracks gives a sample of something special for epic music fans alike.

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