Two Steps From Hell review

Artist biography
Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix formed Two Steps from Hell in 2006 and since then they have produced music for some high profile film trailers. Films of note include the recent Captain America film and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition to creating original music for motion pictures they have also produced music for TV shows such as Doctor Who and Merlin. Due to the popularity of their music, Two Steps from Hell has released a few public albums, Invincible in 2011 and Archangel in 2012. You can read our review of Archangel here

Thomas Bergersen also released a standalone album in 2011, Illusions.

Invincible album review
Invincible is the first publicly released album from Two Steps from Hell. It is a mammoth affair with a total of 22 tracks. There’s a good reason as to why Two Steps Beyond create music for movie trailers and that’s because of their ability to produce interesting tracks that inspire the imagination. There are too many songs on the album to mention in detail so I’ll look at a few of the best. The epic sound of the album is obviously influenced by some of the great movies of Hollywood. The kind of driving music found in The Dark Knight has clearly influenced the first track on the album, Freedom Fighters, which is appropriate as the music was used in a trailer for the recent Star Trek picture. Heart of Courage needs no introduction as it is recognisable from movie trailers such as The Chronicles of Narnia and TV spots for the release of Avatar. As the song title suggests, I am not Human has more of a machine like sound. This track is not in keeping with the intense sound of the previous tracks and is perhaps a weak addition to the album.

Stand out tracks
Fire Nation has a great build up and once it really gets going it takes to another world. If you like the music from the mega blockbuster movie Transformers then you’ll love Protectors of the Earth. This track features powerful orchestral sounds with a complimentary choir for that extra bit of drive.
Illusions album review
Illusions is a stand alone album from the excellent Thomas Bergersen. Illusions continues with the epic sound of the previous album but with more of a mellow sound in places. There are plenty of thumping epic tracks thrown into the mix such as Invincible which grabs the listener by the ears and doesn’t let go. This is just one of the many great tracks on this album. As epic scores go this album is one of the best in terms of variety and scope. You can read a more detailed review of Illusions here.

Stand out tracks
Undying Love is a great track that manages to stir the heart and the soul. For those who like epic sounding music then look no further than Protectors of the Earth. Other tracks of note include Freedom Fighters which is the perfect piece of music to open the album with and Hypnotica.

Overall opinion
These albums take the imagination to whole new level. Some of the tracks feel like fillers but many others have obviously had a lot of thought put into them. Both albums offer something different and although they have a sense of familiarity about them they are still worth listening to. If you’re a lover of films them you are sure to love these albums. 

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