Two Steps From Hell Concert News!

Trailer music heavyweight Two Steps From Hell has a made special announcement on Facebook…there will be a concert for Two Steps From Hell, and it will be showcased  in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A!

According to the post:

“It’s official. Two Steps From Hell is doing a concert, and it’s not just any concert. This spring/summer you can experience our music performed live by a massive orchestra and choir in one of the greatest concert halls of the world: Two Steps From Hell – live at Disney Hall, Los Angeles, USA – June 14th, 2013!”

This is not to be confused with another separate endeavor for a similar concert showcasing the music of Two Steps From Hell. The title of that project is Trailer Music LIVE – Concert Series 2013/14. It was started by composer Patrik Pietschmann of the Filmharmonie Frankfurt and is currently on StartNext. The premiere would take place in March 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany, home of the “Filmharmonie Frankfurt”.

This project was started a few months ago and has already amassed over two hundred fans & sixty-six supporters. Please support them or become a fan over at the official site. and on their Facebook page as well.

Here’s their tagline:

“The “Filmharmonie Frankfurt” presents the famous trailer music of “Two Steps From Hell” in Concert.

A one-of-a-kind-expierence for all fans of epic, cinematic scores: a big sounding orchestra and choir, energy loaded drums, percussions, guitars, vocals and synths.

If you like Hans Zimmer, you will love “Two Steps From Hell”!

UPDATE: The funding for the proposed TSFH Concert Series in Germany has been postponed due to the fact that there will be the official concert from the company in L.A. Patrik Piestchmann has announced that previous supporters for the aforementioned project would have the opportunity to support the original U.S. endeavor.

However, there is till a sliver of hope for the German fan stronghold; Piestchmann mentioned that there are a future concert in Germany are still very much in the works. He encouraged supporters to stay tuned to the Facebook page, TrailerMusicLive, and the FilmHarmonie site.

Concert tickets to the upcoming concert in California are now available for purchase at TicketMaster.  Tickets start at $90.00 and go up to $140.00. There is also an inclusion of a $10.00 fee with any purchase of tickets.

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