Trailer Music Spotlight: Twin Scoring Studio

Twin Scoring Studio is a new trailer music company that was created in July 2011 by  composers Reynald Frission & Frederic Texier . Their primary objective is to offer trailer music for low-budget Hollywood film projects. In addition, Twin Scoring Studio also aims to bring you an extensive, professional musical dimension that is worthy of current major audiovisual productions.
 Professionalism and diversity of their work allows them to respond effectively to any type of applications in various fields.

Their workflow is as follows: A person directs and provides musical ideas, research projects and control the quality of the music (Reynald Frisson) other composers handles various music department (Frederic Texier) is responsible for the electronics, mixing and programming percussion. The two others would be stakeholders.

Frisson has over ten years of music school experience in Paris, France where he studied writing and orchestral pop music. Other composers, except Jean Raynaud Gabriel (who went to the Conservatory of Music) are self-taught.

 The track “The New World” exemplifies the ability of these composers. The theme of this particular track is a dramatic and uplifiting nature. The female vocals are well-placed from 1:00-1:12. TSS cranks out new tracks reguarly, so be sure to check their Facebook, YouTube   and here for new updates.

Their upcoming album, Legend of the Guardians is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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