True Leap – Singularity


Artist Biography

True Leap is a trailer music library founded by composers Cameron Chambers & Armand Rabanal back in 2010. Much like other companies, the goal is to develop and push the envelope in the creation of fresh and emotionally stirring music for films and games.  Recently, they held  a contest on Facebook in which whoever won a drawing at random would win a copy of Singularity on CD. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was one of the three winners. But enough about that, what about the music?

Singularity review

sdSingularity is the debut album from True Leap. Released in 2012, it contains that classic orchestral Hollywood sound mixed in with electronic music elements. A big highlight here is the fact that throughout Singularity, there is a constant interweaving of glass-like strings and gritty synths which can’t help but bring out an emotional response on the part of the listener. Balance is always key in an album and this is shown in high-octane cues such as ‘Precog’ (Minority Report anyone?) and Between Two Worlds.

On the flip side, the diverse and plentiful drama is brought out in ‘Final Trial’ and ‘Symbol’.

Overall opinion

Trailer music is a genre that continues to rapidly expand and gain momentum. It’s good to know that amongst all the big trailer music guns thus far, True Leap is a good option to find.



Source: True Leap Official Website: Music for Motion Picture Advertising

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