Trailer music with impact…

“Trailer music” like you’ve never heard it before..

Have you ever had the experience where you have listened to a great dramatic trailer music cue and felt as if  it slammed into your being on impact? Whether you have or have not, prepare to indulge all of your senses as Impact Music has entered the fray. Founded in 2012, the company is co-chaired by Serge Colbert & Alexandre Pisani Winckelmann.
Like most current music libraries, Impact Music delivers all of a trailer music fan’s/client’s wants and needs from epic, drama, action, cinematic rock & alternative. But this is no ordinary company, as you will soon see. Sergio Colbert, joint owner of Impact Music interviewed with TMV regarding his take on the company as well as trailer music itself.

Colbert (left) & Winckelmann

TrailerMusicVibe: How & when did Impact Music begin? 

Colbert: We first talked about this idea back in October 2011. I come from the film world, and there I did a lot of compositions for movies within the last 15 years. Alex is a friend of mine from back when we were in school at 16 years of age. He holds a Master of Engineering in Audiovisual Technologies and gained extensive marketing experience in the Aviation Industry.
We’re both musicians; for the last three years, I left off from film scoring and began my trailer music venture. I then began to work with Immediate Music. It was a great experience. After a while, I decided to start my own company as I really wanted to get us to produce music of the highest quality possible and have control over the final product.  Alex was really keen with this idea, and so with our combined background and experience, we decided to join forces.

TrailerMusicVibe: How did you begin your career as a composer?
Colbert: I started film scoring in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.  in 1995. I also did programming various studios & TV shows such as Colombo. In addition, I was very lucky to work nonstop with Nu Image & Millennium Films for over ten years.
Eventually I decided I wanted move into trailer music. The great thing about scoring trailer music is that  you don’t sleep for two days as oppposed to a movie where its 30 days!

TrailerMusicVibe: Describe the experience of working with various choir groups and orchestras.
Colbert: The Opera house in Prague is fantastic as are the musicians along with choir. Everybody that is present lives for the music. We truly had a great time.
With an orchestra ten years from now, it will still have its magic. That’s why I think it’s good for a muscian to record with live orchestra.

TrailerMusicVibe: As you look to the future, what would be your forecast for Impact Music and then for trailer music as a whole?

Colbert: We work with lots of cues, and so back in early 2012 with all the movie trailers that were coming out, we tested each cue against these various film trailers. Impact Music selects quality over volume vending. We release very few cues and only the very best pieces. We’re also very excited about our Cinemaster Series which features over 140 musicians playing simultaneously.

The last few years was this big epic choir music, and then within the last four months or so, they (trailer editors & musicians) began experimenting and dabbling with hybrid, dubstep and more modern music elements. But our goal is to understand the trend and, hopefully with time, to influence it.

We all know the big choir is eventually going to come back, it’s not going to go away, since it embodies the fashion of trailer music. Here right now at Impact Music, we’re doing something that’s really innovative that we’re going to release on November 5. It will be something that has never been heard before.

TrailerMusicVibe extends a warm & heartfelt thanks to Serge Colbert and Impact Music for interviewing with us!

– L.Williams

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