Trailer Music Track Meaning – The Priory of Sion by audiomachine

Today I’m going to look at a trailer music track title. The track is entitled Priory of Sion by audiomachine. It’s a short and energetic track and no doubt makes for good trailer use. But is that the end of the matter? A further examination of the title yields some rather interesting results.  It was an alleged secret society founded in the eleventh century that purportedly protects those who claim lineage from Jesus Christ and has been the subject matter of many novels and movies, most notably the Da Vinci Code.

Many have labeled it a hoax or the ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Is it really? Well, consider that despite the assertions that this group has existed for millenia, the existence was not revealed until 1967 with the publication L’Or de Rennes (‘The Gold of Rennes-le-Chateau’) by Gérard de Sède.  Much of this was further promulgated by an individual named Pierre Plantard for several decades. However he evidently admitted before an investigation that the whole Priory of Sion was a fraud and the documents he possessed were merely figments of his imagination.

So are we to read into any of this? Not in this case. However, I think that reflecting on titles for epic music tracks can and should stimulate us to do further research. In this way, even as we have listened to epic music, so hopefully we’ll be curious to investigate and to find out more about the world around us.


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