Trailer Music on Internet Radio

Radio stations always plays the same style of music – pop, rock and sometimes hip-hop tracks. You can say, they only play mainstream tracks. Also film music are extremely rare on radio. But this changed. A little group of German people formed the radio format ‘Epic Empire’ which presents, like the title says, epic music. This program contains tracks from trailer- and film music, but also some tracks from the genre Epic Metal (like Within Temptation). 
   The ‘Epic Empire’ was founded in summer 2011 and they played every wednesday via a German radio station (unfortunately, I forgot the name of it), but due personal problems this station was closed by the owner in the beginning of 2012. So this meant – the end of ‘Epic Empire’. But they found a new station which likes the format of presenting epic music via radio, so they are sending again on the station Radio-Zoom (, on wednesday, every two weeks from 8pm to 10pm (German time). 
But what do they actually play? Every trailer music album? No. They can’t. Albums and companies which are not meant for the public audience, the ‘Epic Empire’ won’t present. They play tracks from public albums, for example from Immediate Music, Two Steps From Hell, Epic Score, Band X Music and so on, but also impressive film music finds it way to the show. They try to present every show a new unknown company (they already presented e.g Soundcritters, Brian Cho and Wayne Dineley to their audience) for promoting them and also that more and more people will come to this kind of music. This music have to be recognized. Therefore this is a very good idea. The ‘Epic Empire’ is the only radio format in Germany which plays Epic Trailer Music. So this is a good chance for beginners to listening to the music, before buying them. And I am sure, no one will regret it. 
The moderator of the show is known under the name ‘Fredie’ and she is open for any new idea or suggestion for their show. So, if you reading this and you are a new composer, contact them, they definitely will present your music when it fits in their program. Of course they also have facebook group –
At last I want to add that I am also a part of the ‘Epic Empire’. You can say I am the assistant of the moderator, givinig her all information about trailer music, like are there new music, new information, inside information and so on. also has a chat function, and every show the moderator and also me is in the chat where you can chat with us, discusting about trailer music, asking questions and so on. We are here for you. Please join the ‘Epic-Empire’ – and feel the power with us.
Every two weeks on a wednesday from 8pm to 10pm (German time).

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