Trailer Music Featured Artist – Zack Hemsey

     The name Zack Hemsey is associated with many Hollywood wonders such as inception, Zack hemsey is the mastermind behind the breath taking trailer music of this movie. Not only has he composed the music for this movie trailer but his music has been used in the trailers for `The Town’ and for Redley Scotts `Robin Hood’. Now in 2011 he has released his 2nd album with the name of `The Way’ and it features great hits such as the masterpiece `Redemption’ from the trailer music of `the town’.
       His new album `The Way’ has once again proved what a music maestro this man is and how he has his own exceptional way of understanding and composing music. The soundtrack of the movie `The Town’ is included in this album by the name of ` Redemption’. The sequencing of the rhythmic music is out of the world on top of that the way the orchestra has been guided reflects the abilities of this great musician and his ability to lead the film music to new strengths. This album contains about ten different tracks. This includes the famous soundtrack `The Redemption’ as well. The album also includes hits such as `see what I have become’. The whole aura of the album gives a chance to the film industry to be directed into a whole new age of trailer music and breathe taking soundtracks. This album is definitely a collector’s item and for people who love a touch of rock music with the subtle sound of the orchestra playing in the background.
 The trailer music of the film The Town has a powerful but a very melodious sound. What makes this soundtrack so unique are the delicate notes of the orchestra with the blasting sound of the drums only on some points of the track. `Mind Heist’ used as the soundtrack in the third final trailer of `The inception’ is a very famous track by this composer and if one finds this soundtrack interesting then he or she will surely love his new album `The Way’ as it has the same class of the unique orchestra and the same beats composed with the unique touch of Zack Hemsey. This man is not only one of the finest composers but also a great lyricist. His lyrics supports the music in an remarkably manner and gives the whole outlook of the track a new sound.

You can listen to the whole album below and even purchase here

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