Trailer Music Featured Artist – Thomas J. Bergersen – Illusions

I’m sure when you have listened to ‘trailer music’, depending on the theme of the song or album, certain images creep into your mind. Perhaps these are images of an epic nature or adventure. What if the song(s), though, made you think somewhat differently? In what way, you may ask?

 Usually, trailer music might tend to make one think of images of immense proportions; but not every piece out there does this. Enter composer and co-founder of the major music production company Two Steps from Hell, Thomas J. Bergersen. He along with Nick Phoenix, the other owner of the afore mentioned company have served as the catalysts behind famous tracks from Two Steps from Hell. Not that long ago, there was an announcement that ‘Nemesis II’, a stand-alone album would be released. Trailer music fans gathered in anticipation of this. Eventually though, the name of Nemesis II, became known as ‘Illusions’. Interesting name, isn’t it?


This album is the first to be composed solely by Bergersen. It contains 19 tracks, including a separate track titled ‘My Freedom’. The vocals and instruments used in this work were truly stunning, to say the least. The theme of Illusions gives the idea of not so much of a bombastic theme in trailer music, but rather the more pleasant and riveting section. Mr. Bergersen truly put his whole energies into crafting this fine masterpiece. Indeed, it is the vocals on this album that makes it noteworthy. In total, there were seven different vocalists that participated in this work and weave a harmonious theme throughout.

In the tracks Rada, Dreammaker, Femme Fatale, the featured vocals originated with Vladislava Vasileva, who is originally from Bulgaria. Bergersen described her voice as delicate as a leaf and incredibly powerful, one-of-a-kind, and heartfelt. The second vocalist was Elitsa Todorova; her vocals were featured in the track Soulseeker . She is also from Bulgaria, specifically the city of Varna. She is involved in percussion work and vocal performances and once more her voice is mentioned as bright, sparkly, excellently tempered and magically beautiful.

    The next vocalist truly conjures up inspiration in one and is angelic. She is Merethe Soltvedt and she was prominent in several of the tracks, Ocean Princess, Gift of Life, Merchant Prince, Promise, Immortal & Remember Me. The fourth one is Kate St. Pierre, who worked with the folks over at Cirque Du Soleil. Her voice can just about make one tear up and it was featured on Hurt, Merchant prince, Reborn and Illusions. The fifth vocalist, Jenifer Thigpen has a voice that can transcend the most bombastic orchestral sections. This is brought out in the tracks A Place In Heaven & Sonera. Colin O’ Malley is known as a great composer, but he also possesses a voice of sheer might and is awe-inspiring. He is the main singer on the piece Sonera as well. Finally, the last one is Tina Guo, who is a virtuoso cellist. If there was any individual who embraces her instrument, it’s her. Her amazing abilities on the cello are displayed in Promise and Gift of Life. In addition, Franceso Genco sings in Age of Gods.

It took Thomas Bergersen over three years to complete Illusions, but it is clear that Illusions delivered excellently. His compositions have been used in promotions for such box office hits as the Mummy, The Dark Knight, Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight, Narnia, & Da Vinci Code. This album is a must-have by any music listener and a staple of what trailer music should embody.

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