Trailer Music Featured Artist: Liquid Cinema

Artist Biography
Jeff Rona put together Liquid Cinema in 2008 after being inspired by one of the top film editors in the industry. Liquid Cinema has an ever growing library of emotional music which they use to help promote the latest cinema releases. A group of inspiring artists work alongside Jeff to create some of the most inspiring tracks ever to grace the trailer music scene. One of the unique aspects of Liquid Cinema is that the music is created live using real instruments. It’s quite a fresh approach and makes a change from pre-programmed loops and beats.

The Music of Liquid Cinema
Liquid Cinema has a wealth of great albums under their belt with each one representing a different style of music from the world of film. Cinematic Noise has a heavy focus on atmosphere and mystery. The album opens up with Fever Dreams, an incredibly atmospheric track that is reminiscent of some of Hans Zimmer’s work. The album has that atmospheric theme by the bucket load and every track has a sinister feel to it.
Cinematic Contemporary Action 2 has a very different sound with an emphasis on a heavy rock sound. This album also has its fair share of emotional music with such tracks as Set in Motion and The Coming Storm.
Cinematic Drumming is an interesting album as it explores the use of the drum in Cinema and how it can have a powerful effect in films. There are plenty of styles on offer from the grand drum beats Apollon to the digitised sound of Smokin Ace.

Artist Series 1 and 2 offers another side step from the other albums and goes to show how diverse Liquid Cinema is. These albums use electronics, guitars and orchestral sounds to great effect and the use of real instruments adds so much depth to the tracks.

The diversity continues with Cinematic Hip-Hop, a hard edged album full of urban beats and strong lyrics. The tracks on this album bring to mind dark hard hitting movies.
For action buffs there is the urban rock sound of Cinematic Contemporary Action. The music found on this album has plenty of adrenaline running through it and it strikes the right chord throughout.
Liquid Cinema has also shown their mettle to venture into the newer realm of the hybrid genre with the most recent release Omega: Modern Hybrid Trailers. These cues would suit modern action thriller film trailers.

Overall opinion
Liquid Cinema are capable of putting together music to suit any cinematic mood from romance to action which makes them perfect listening material for the average film lover. From awesome urban sounds through to fast paced action, Liquid Cinema has it all wrapped up nicely.

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