Trailer Music Featured Artist – Erik Ekholm

What would a trailer be without those bombastic sounds, the drums and the techno music how would it feel? Definitely,  very bland. When you think about trailer music composers one name that immediately pops into your mind is that of Eric Ekholm the greatest trailer music composer of our time. Erik Ekholm is a film music, soundtrack and trailer music composer, furthermore the owner of Brickwall Audios, one of the most successful Trailer and film music productions.
The latest he has to offer is called Cataclysm power volume 2 which is seemingly another master piece added to this maestro’s collection. The first volume collection `Heroes’ had amazing sound tracks for some of the most incredible blockbusters such as the television serial Grays anatomy and some of the most popular games.
The New album Cataclysm` power ’contains almost 23 full tracks; on top of this it also has 12 themes. One can recognize the vocals of some of the most remarkable male and female singers form all around the world. The sound of raging orchestras, blasting drums and that neatly fitted in techno beat gives the games and trailers a mystifying sound.
The best part about these tracks is there sense of individuality. Each track is unique in its own way that is each track has its own specific composition which makes it distinguishable and gives the whole collection a complete and a very refined touch. Giving it the must have status on a collector’s item list.
The tracks contained in this album have film music and trailer music. To make these tracks all the more catchy the composer has successfully been able to divide some of the tracks in two parts; the starting has a melodious orchestra sound which is followed by a sudden blast of pure metal and uncontaminated rock. This contrast perfectly balances each other as it gives these soundtracks a very stable and cultured beat which has never been experienced by the listeners.
The Brickwall productions have deeply set its roots in the film industry as well as on the game forms. It not only brings these digital media works to life but also gives these fiction memorandums a realistic and believable touch. Be it the mellow  sound track of a movie or the attention catching trailer music, Brickwall Audios name is in the ultimate limelight. From 300’s masculine   to the Grays anatomy’s trailers Brickwall covers it all not matter which class or creed the movie or the game falls in, this production is what makes them larger than life.

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