Trailer Music Featured Artist – City of the Fallen – Divine Power

The amazing movie trailer music producers `City of the Fallen’ have recently come up with their new film music album called `Divine Power’. This album is out to steal the glory with its epic, instrumental music which transport the soul of a person to a truly divine place. From the orchestra to the melodious guitar tunes these people have mastered all the levels of being a successful trailer music artist.
This trailer album’s public release is predicted to be somewhere in 2012. This album has soundtracks such as the truly melodious consuming fire and Elohim. These two tracks have been composed by the legendary composer Ryan Amon who is the founder of city of the fallen. He has four previous albums to his credit and these include the famous `Crucible’ released in 2010. This album poses a beautiful contrast of the past and the upcoming future and truly supports the basic ideas of the phenomenal film music composer and city of fallen. The album transfers a person from the busy everyday life to a peaceful state of mind and tells a whole new tale of an undiscovered world of trailer music.
This 5th trailer music album released by this maestro is definitely a collectible item and something which will not leave your CD player for a very long time. The thrilling tunes especially the contrast of music in the soundtrack `Consuming fire’ takes ones breath away. The artist’s belief that the music which is around us is originally a guide to a greater world is most evident in this album. This trailer music album `Divine power’ reinforces there concept in almost every track sound. Each soundtrack has its classic unique touch which can only be due to the technical composing of Ryan Amon.
The popular vocal track called `Voice of the Rushing Waters’ was well praised by the listeners. The vocals seem to disappear into the bombastic drums. This movie trailer album has what it takes to be a complete and a very well received soundtrack album of our times. The previous album called the `crucible’ had a very famous track by the name of ` dominion of the saints’. There 4th album was a mixture of both rock and electronic blended with some of the unique sounds of this band. This new album is nothing less than the previous one and it in fact proves that city of the fallen has grown more as a trailer music band.

You can listen to the album  here!

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