Total Recall (2012) – Soundtrack Review

  When i first heard that Harry Gregson Williams was going to compose Total Recall – (2012) i was like….”WOW ! This is going to be good” .
Imagine my dissapointment when i listened to the score. Don’t get me wrong ! Harry Gregson Williams is one of a kind ! One of the best composers ever.

   However, the problem is not the composer himself, but sometimes when it comes to soundtracks, other factors such as the studios and directors play a big role and influence composers to such extent that they (the composers) can not do much to reverse the outcome of the score. I believe that in Total Recall (2012), that was the case.

 Of course, when it comes to science fiction movies, the synthesizers have the first word. However, in this case, with a couple of exceptions (Track 20: It’s Hard to Believe, Isn’t It ?) what we have is a bustle filling our ears instead of something more pleasant.

  Unfortunately, i could not resist the comparisson between Jerry Goldsmith’s score back in 1990. As a child of the 90’s i prefer Goldsmith’s version more. But…i can’t help to wonder…how could Goldsmith compose something so good back in the ’90’s, given the fact that the technonology wasn’t that advanced ! It’s a petty to know that synth music has stagnate since then….. Hopefully things will change in the near future not only for us music lovers, but also for the composers too.


1. The Dream
2. The Fall
3. Colony
4. The Tripping Den
5. Rekall
6. Rooftop Chase
7. Hand Call
8. The Vault
9. Customs
10. Car Chase Pt. 1
11. Car Chase Pt. 2
12. The Key
13. The Scar On Your Hand
14. Elevator Chase
15. Train To Matthias
16. Saving Melina
17. Gravity Reversing
18. Up Top Fight
19. The Fall Collapses
20. It’s Hard To Believe, Isn’t It?


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