Tom Player – Rise (Gothic Storm – Epic Powerful Rock Orchestral)

We were climping the mountain in hope that we would find the ancient city. We had a long journey … our legs did not obey…we haven’t eaten for days ! 

But as we were on the edge of collapsing  from fatique,  the voice of one of our companions took us  from our dissapointment. “Look” he said , pointing at what seemed like a huge stone.

At first we thought our mind was playing games, but it was then when a large stone figure that seemed like an ancient god, loomed through the mist.

We were ecstatic ! Τhe huge stone stairs urged us to discover this miracle…Βirds flew over the temple..birds that no human eye has ever seen ! As we reached the temple, a small dragon sitting on a stone,  welcomed us by uncurling and flapping its wings. 

We stood speechless gazing upwards at this splendid site in absolut awe ! Everything seemed so ancient that one might believe we had stepped back in time ! Βut we knew, as we looked at each other, that that was not at all the case. This temple marked the rise of a new world ! The rise of world to be discovered.

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