Time to “switch” it up..

69602_516828008339417_612180067_nWe all know trailer music to always have been that bombastic and brash style in times past, however the modus operandi has been steadily changing in recent times and old as well as new music libraries have been rushing in to fill the gaps, so to speak. One such example is switch, a company located in Santa Monica, California.

As described on the About Us section of their site, switch’s primary objective is to change, or “switch”, the way a music listener or anyone for that matter, thinks about trailer music:

switch. is all about changing the way we think about trailer music. This is not your grandma’s music library. We are artist-driven; finding the best composers, songwriters, producers, musicians, and engineers and showcasing them to the world. We take the extra step to make sure our productions are second to none. Our music is written, performed, and produced by true artists.


switch features several composers, such as Adam Gubman, Jeremiah Pena, Jasper Blunk and Danny Olson. Contributing artists include but are not limited to, Tyler Gurwicz, Jenny Bae and Tina Guo.  To top it off, this is all helmed by veteran composer Nick Murray.

There are already four albums from switch thus far: Lift, Vanguard, Drums vs Robots, and Dark Matter. All of these cover the genres from uplifting pop to dramatic hybrid to downright orchestral horror. Recently, Nick Murray’s “Druzhba” earned a placement in the trailer for “Snowpiercer”. For more great previews and further detail, see the Albums page.


As of this time, none of the aforementioned albums are available for public purchase. However, as noted in the FAQ section, this may very well change.

For now, the trailer music fanbase can mark down another library to add to the mix.

Happy listening!

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