Thomas Bergersen does Brostep

Everyone’s favorite TM Composer Thomas J Bergersen has just released a brand new track: “My Soul, Not Yours”. This time, however, he’s given us something a bit different then his usual fare. Oh there’s a piano and orchestral sounds alright, but they’re layered behind a hefty chunk of Dubstep-esque electronica. Asked about this unusual track, Thomas wrote”

I’m really an electronica composer at heart, I’ve been producing electronica since I was 15. It’s important to me to be able to do all kinds of styles so I can mix them however I want. If anything this track fits better into the brostep genre because of its more aggressive sound. To those who don’t know, brostep is the American dubstep offspring. Interestingly it borrows a lot from the big beat genre perfected by the UK genius Liam (The Prodigy).

Want to have a listen? You can download it for free right here!

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