Thomas Adam Habuda The Freak Inside

   Thomas Adam Habuda is a composer and artist. He has produced numerous musical pieces with the company – Media Music Factory. He recently launched his debut album by the name of “The Freak Inside” featuring a variety of musical compositions including his earlier works and new soundtracks. Thomas Adam Habuda is known for his unique mix of musical genres through generations. His album “The Freak Inside” clearly depicts the mix of the traditional orchestra with the modern elements like synths and sound designs, and also encompasses cultural influences. Thomas Adam Habuda has a record of producing numerous individual projects for TV shows and video games etc. However, “The Freak Inside” remains his first attempt at recollection of all his tunes and his efforts in producing solo.
   “The Freak Inside” also has certain soundtracks from Thomas Adam Habuda’s childhood compositions. This album is available in two volumes – one bringing together his numerous previously launched and utilized soundtracks and one consisting solely of his new tunes. Thomas Adam Habuda is a music addict and believes that music is the only portal whereby one can truly express one’s inner most feelings. A similar belief is stated on his online profile “I believe music is equally important in a movie or any other interactive media as the visual aspect itself. It’s not a co-incidence – hearing is our second sense” (Habuda). His stress and contemplation about the importance of music in all its forms and uses has made Habuda a perfectionist in this regard.
The album “The Freak Inside” was originally titled “Epic Hearts”. However, the nature of the music involved forced Thomas Adam Habuda to change the title. “The Freak Inside” features epic, contemporary and orchestral music as well as synthesized sound designs. It will not be wrong to say that this particular album contains possibly all music foundations inciting the audience’s aesthetic sense from deep within. Thomas Adam Habuda claims this album contains several of his childhood memories conveyed through the medium of musical highs and lows. His obsession with the expression of music enables him to communicate with his audience through this medium. Not only this, his wide range of experience and interest in music as a child has given him additional advantage. Many of his newly integrated pieces in this album convey his childhood memories.
Most of Thomas Adam Habuda’s composition recordings occur in his personal studio located in his house. The studio contains state-of-the-art equipment and licensed softwares for working at any time of the day or night. The location of the studio enables flexible working and meeting of the deadlines. Thomas Adam Habuda is well-versed with his equipment and softwares, which allows him to masterfully play with his music productions and also expertly work through towards the final form. Thomas Adam Habuda’s services are also available for hiring whereby others can utilize his outstanding music writing and composing skills. His resume depicts his purposeful hiring for developing the themes of numerous TV shows and video games, clearly reflecting the contractual nature of his work.

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