Ninja Tracks

Remember the bombastic ‘trailer music’ company..
Groove Addicts & Ninja Tracks, especially their infamous Full Tilt Series? Well, I regret to inform you all that the aforementioned company is no more. Recently, Warner Chappell Production Music‘s trailer division Non-Stop Music has now girded the mantle and now holds the “torch”, if you will, for the future of the Full Tilt Series.

What exactly should we expect from the series? Will it be full of the same epic overtones as was reminiscent of the original Full Tilt Volumes? Or will this new transition mark a change not only in ownership but as well in the direction of these tracks? Only time will tell.

Founders Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen have seen fit to begin a brand-new independent company, Ninja Tracks.  The most recent release is Full Tilt: End Game, which was the final album worked on by the duo. You can listen to that album here and follow NT on Facebook.

A new chapter for these composers begins, are you ready?

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