Fired Earth Music – The Sword of Peleus (Ryan Amon) ( Volume 9 – Immortality)

” I hold Peleus’ life in my hand !
Absent his sword, he will not manage to get pass the Centaurs !

Did he really think he could get away so easily ?
I loved him…i opened my heart to him….i broke every vow i gave to my husband Acastus.
But in vain ! Peleus scorned me !

I am Astydameia ! No one can resist my beauty !

I ‘ve already made his wife commit suicide by sending her a false letter, that her husband was to marry Acastus’s daughter. What a fool she was to fall into my trap ! Now, Peleus is next !
Too bad ! I’d enjoy seeing him get beaten by the Centaurs ! “

Little did Astydameia know, that the Chiron, a wise Centaur, would return Peleu’s sword with magical powers and Peleus managed to escape He then would return to revenge this act of treason by killing both Astydameia and her husband !

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