Super Sonic Noise: Breaking the Sound Barrier

59227_695833243775835_2129925794_aSSN is the latest music company TMV has discovered, but rather than us tell you about them, we’ll let founder Jason Moss do the talking:

Super sonic noise is the vision of composer, songwriter Jason Moss.
Jason has been composing, jamming, singing and producing music for over 20 years. From national television commercials to dozens of television show’s, HBO documentary films, and indie feature films, Jason has been around the block and then some, the crazy thing is this is just the beginning, the next 20 years should be a blast !

Everything SSN does is about the relationship, the vibe, quality and taste. Whether it’s custom music for picture, The SSN TRAX music production catalog, music supervision or working with bands, musicians & artists. Peoples ideas, the collaboration process and the feeding off others creative energy is what SSN lives for !.

When super sonic was formed, I decided to go after musical projects and business that fulfilled me, artistically, spiritually, and socially.
But, honestly, at the end of the day it’s about the people involved as much as the musical content. Communication, respect, flexibility is essential, it’s about team work, and knowing when and how to pick the battles, and how to articulate ones needs, without making one feel defensive or disrespected.

To Me this is a formula for success, longevity & happiness.

The Super Sonic Noise “TRAX” artisan music catalog,
Once just available to the super sonic noise clientele, the SSN-TRAX catalog is now available to the entire television, film & advertising community for their licensing pleasure.

With a unique feel and keen understanding for drama, reality & inspirational TV, Jason & The Super Sonic Noise “TRAX” catalog will undoubtedly give your next production the audible high-end quality and originality it deserves.
Check it out for yourself @
& “Embrace the Noise”


Super Sonic Noise is a music production company specializing in original music for tv, feature films, documentaries, advertising & online media.

The NEW Super Sonic Noise “TRAX” music catalog is a unique and exclusive collection of diverse instrumental underscore available for individual & blanket licensing. Super Sonic Noise “TRAX” are available on hard drive and online for your licensing & listening pleasure!.

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“Embrace the Noise !!” Check out their latest “EPIC ORCHESTRAL ADVENTURE” album!

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