Sub Pub Music – Revolt

CD_Digipak_OutsideRevolt is a new hybrid orchestral release from Sub Pub Music. This was exclusively composed by Mikkel Heimburger. If you are a fan of dubstep, this is definitely a worth a listen. Below is the track list of the album:

1. Quantum Collision – Epic/Hybrid w/ Dubstep elements.
2. Terra Firma – Emotional/Eerie, Full Orchestra.
3. Dystopian City – Aggressive Urban/Orchestral.
4. Revolt – Emotional Piano.
5. The Fallen – Emotional Keltic inspired Orchestral.
6. Cursed Earth – Epic/Hybrid.
7. Aftermath Epic/Hybrid.
8. EvolveNation – Dance/Urban/Orchestral Hybrid.
9. After The War – Apocalyptic Epic/Hybrid w/ doomsday choir.
10. Kaleidoscope – Urban/Dance Hybrid w/ Orchestral Elements.
11. The Colony – Emotional/Eerie, Full Orchestra.

You can contact SubPub Music about licensing information as well as purchase their album on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby.

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