Ιt was warm summer night. The sky was full of twinkling stars. “Have you ever seen a star fall ? When a star falls, make a wish and all your dreams will come true”
His mother’s words came to mind. A tear rolled down his cheek. He was so young when he lost her, but her memory never faded. Her face, her smile…she was so beautiful and….The boy’s thoughts were disturbed by the swift knocking on her door. It was his father. He enters the room, puts his hand on the boy’s shoulder and he said,
“Son, look at the sky ! Full of stars. Why don’t you make a wish?” “Mother used to say that to me all the time. I’ve never seen a star fall ! ” Father bows his head in memory of his wife and began to walk away. He didn’t want his son to see him crying. The boy closes his eyes and began to say, “I would so much like to see a falling star”

When the son opened his eyes, look! there it was. The star consisted of chrysolite, ruby and just overall brilliance.
The father said, “I don’t see anything, and then he looked again, his jaw dropped.
They both followed it and it crash landed in their backyard!
The son got up and slowly made his way toward the site
his father behind him.
“See mother ! I finally saw a star fall” the boy muttered and smile crossed over his face”

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