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There are many new trailer music companies, lots of newcomers are trying to become successfull in that music branche. There are for sure some talented guys, especially one young composer from France, called Mourad Hypton Achir-Splilmer.
His company Splilmer Music was founded on 15th August 2011, almost one year it is excisting. Since so far, they don’t published any album, but many tracks are available on Soundcloud and YouTube. Their first album, which will be called ‘Paradise In Hell’, is going to their audience in summer 2012, exactly one year after their foundation. Since they don’t have any selled tracks so far, they earned some successfull goals. The unique style of head-composer and founder Mourad Splilmer is a nice combination of classical style and traditional, orchestral style. 
Typical track by Mourad Splilmer with his unique style. 
This track called ‘Dark Heart’ is published on 
Broken World Music’s second album ‘Dark Summit’.
Besides Mourad Splilmer, 5 more composers are working for Splilmer Music so far. The youngest is canadian composer Graeme Boomer-Ens, who’s is also running his own personal trailer music company called ‘Broken World Music’. Boomer-Ens is known for his rockish tracks, even if he is going to produce more choral tracks in future, but his strengths are the rock style. Two people are coming from Italy, Joe Pastore and Joseph Manfredi. Joseph Manfredi also is running a personally page where he is publishing tracks by him, while he was also attending a course at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, means you can call him a professional composer. His countryman, Joe Pastore, was already scoring some short movies, while he is also specalized in writing books. Another composer is coming from the very south, Shawn Lukas from South Africa. Shawn Lukas is also a young composer, but he is also interested in painting. His homepage is showing some pieces by him. At the end of this article, all necessary links of companies and composers are listed in alphabetical order. Mourad Splilmer is not the only french composer of his company, one other french composers was joining him – Adrien Louki Couturier, who also published many tracks by him on his personally SoundCloud page. He is also specialized in composing tracks for Video Games, Trailer Music and some traditional film music.
As you can see, the crew of Splilmer Music is very special and different, but nevertheless they create a special, unique style for Splilmer Music, first of all the head composer Mourad Splilmer of course. We are looking forward for their first album ‘Paradise In Hell’ which will be include unreleased and already hearable tracks, availabe via SoundCloud and YouTube. 

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