Sonic Symphony – Eternity

Sonic symphony eternity
            The movie trailer music producers Hanu Khosla and Manu Kholsa have released another major album in the history of Sonic Symphony.
This is known as Eternity. This album was in the works for over a year and it has become available for clients seeking music for motion-picture advertising. There are 15 original tracks on Eternity, accompanied with variations ranging from no choir to just the base sound design.
            ‘Eternity’ delves into a relatively newer aspect that other music producers are dabbling with more regularly – hybrid orchestra. Influences from the 2010 feature film Tron: Legacy can be seen throughout this work, as evidenced by the album cover design and the sounds from Power of Infinity and Incredible Machines.
            One of my clear-cut favorites on this album is “Rebirth of a Legend”. This song features the powerful aspect of the guitar strings, percussion and gives a new feel to the definition of what the term epic stands for. I must have listened to this at least 5 times, seriously it was that good! This would go well in an epic sci-fi fantasy action film, futuristic in nature.
            This was the first try by the Khosla brothers into the realm of hybrid orchestra and  I can say that they have succeeded! You can audition the album at Ravenwood Music!

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