Sonic Symphony – Epica album review

     Sonic Symphony is a music production house launched in 2009. It is co-chaired by Hanu Khosla and Manu Khosla. It is based in Los Angeles and is accredited for producing numerous masterpieces and albums. It specializes in writing and composing original trailer music for high end productions like Motion Pictures, Television Programs and Video Games and their advertising campaigns. Even in this short time span since its foundation, Sonic Symphony has lent tunes to hit box office productions which will be able to relate to readily. Due to its brief historical evidence, numerous forums and blogs are all the more unaware about its existence whereas very few actually know and discuss its productions and achievements.
Sonic Symphony is accredited with the production of musical scores pertaining to mass-profiting movies like Resident Evil, The Last Air Bender, Criminal Minds, Skyline and others. Even though several people may not be able to recognize Sonic Symphony by name, almost everyone can relate to these movies and their musical themes with unanimous agreement regarding its rich composition and structure.
     Of its numerous productions, its album by the name of “Epica” contains the perfect mix of promotional music and trailer themes. It consists of around 42 soundtracks including the modified versions of some soundtracks along with their originals. Variations have been created by excluding choirs or by including drums in some tunes, making the total count of soundtracks reach around 42. Most of these tunes can be regarded as trailer music due to the fact that they appropriately blend the highs and lows representing the emotional requirement of the visuals. It includes soundtracks by the name of ‘God of War’, ‘Battle Symphony’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Threads of Destiny’ and other similar titles which reflects the gloomy action-oriented nature of this album. Nevertheless, all these tracks contained in the album have been received with cheers by the audiences and the producers.
    The album Epica is allegedly produced by Sonic Symphony in collaboration with Alex Pfeffer, who is recognized for the mixing, arrangement and maturing of the soundtracks in this album. Alex Pfeffer is known to have aesthetics for rock music. He was initially associated with a rock band named ‘Reinvented’ which eventually split up in 2003. Following this, Alex Pfeffer became associated with Sonic Symphony and has created and composed trailer music for several movies. Sonic Symphony and Alex Pfeffer are attributed with the provision of trailer music for the blockbuster Sherlock Holmes. Alex Pfeffer has also composed music for Television shows such as  America’s got Talent.

   Epica has proved to be a worthwhile production and a must listen for all. With its exquisite combination of soundtracks pertaining to different emotions and backdrops, it has truly won the heart of innumerable listeners and has also created the followership of many. The indicator of Sonic Symphony’s popularity and acceptance can be evaluated from the fact that not even a single negative critique has been received on those forums discussing Epica and Sonic Symphony. On the contrary, immense appreciation has been given to Sonic Symphony and Alex Pfeffer on their masterful and commendable work.

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