Songs to Your Eyes – Interview with Opher Yisraeli

STYE LOGO 2013 500PIXTrailer music has found its way into many catalogues in recent years and today we interview one such one in Songs to Your Eyes, founded by Opher Yisraeli. He offered TMV insight into this library by means of a brief interview which you can read below.



TMV: How and when did Songs to Your Eyes get started?
STYE Was launched in 2005 in Los Angeles. When I founded the company I was still warring the artist hat, producing a lot of music in my studio and getting some of it licensed to various films and TV shows.

I started understanding more about the business side of publishing and licensing music and started collecting music of friends and colleagues and building the STYE catalogue.
Since we were centered in Los Angeles and most of the trailer houses are based here, we started signing more orchestral composers, building our trailer music roster and hand delivering it to all the trailer houses.
Over the years we’ve licensed both music and sound design cues to some of the biggest trailers and are considered as one of the leaders in this style of music.

Today we offer more than 300 releases in our catalogue.

Some of our recent trailer placements include:

“Chronicles Of Riddick 3” (Staring Vin Diesel_Universal Pictures)
“The Purge” (Starting Ethan Hawk_Universal Pictures)
“After Earth” (upcoming Will Smith film_Sony Pictures)
“Oblivion” (The new Tom Cruise film_Universal Pictures)
“The Iceman” (New film staring Ray Liotta, Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder_Millenium Pictures)
“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (Lionsgate Films)
“The Possession” (Lionsgate Films)

TMV: What would you say is the best thing about trailer music?

I love the power and dramatic impact of trailer music. It seems that trailer music pushes the production value of the entire industry, if it doesn’t sound big enough and powerful it won’t make it into the trailer.
These days it’s not just about orchestral recordings, I love the whole hybrid direction that fuses electronic elements, dubstep, sound design together with the orchestral parts.
Lately I’m much more into evolved sound design and not just the music. It seems as though sound design is equally as important these days and we’re putting a lot of effort into the development of some amazing sound design releases.

TMV: Any other comments?

Our flagship brand for trailer music and sound design is “Demented Sound Mafia”. These guys are a group of composers/sound designers that have been creating some mind blowing releases for us.
Their work has been used in many trailers and video games over the past year and we have an aggressive release schedule lined up, covering various styles of trailer music & sound design.
We’ve just completed our 4th release: Demented Sound Mafia Vol.4 – Intense Action, that covers various action related styles. It offers Cinematic Sound Design, Percussive Cues and Cinematic Dubstep/Electro.
All our cues are delivered as full mixes and then broken down into individual elements, hits, drones, rhythms, synth lines etc. It makes it very useful for the editor as they can layer each and every cue from us.

TMV: Are there any upcoming projects?

We’re about to start work on Demented Sound Mafia Vol.5 and will keep you posted when it’s ready so that you can check it out.
You can listen to all the Demented Sound Mafia releases on our site:

Thanks to Mr. Yisraeli for the interview here on TMV.

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