“Skanda Music”

Artist biography
Skanda Music was formed in 2006 by film and television composers Daniel Lessner and William Richter. Daniel has found success composing music for ABC Sports and HBO’s inside the NFL and USA network. William has produced music for films on the big screen and those created for television including A Killer Within and The Fallen Ones.
Recently, Skanda Music has launched a new website, and has also released two albums through Amazon and Itunes, namely, Epicaria & Heroica. These include new tracks and perfected mastering of the music offered for free on their previous website.

All about Skanda Music
The epic sound of Skanda Music has an excellent vibe as the composers have managed to capture the spirit of cinema so well. They have produced some awe inspiring tracks such as the self titled track, Skanda. This is what epic music is all about as it pumps the ears with an exciting orchestral sound and a catchy beat. Mahati is a great multi layered tune that builds up from a soft beginning through to an epic mid section and then it comes full circle with a quiet end. Arguably, one of their best tracks is the thrilling Tandava which brings all the best epic music techniques to the fore such as the use of a fast paced orchestral sound and brilliant vocal element. Garuda is another amazing track. It is fast paced and relentless with excellent use of drums and orchestral hits. It’s so easy to imagine the kind of film that would accompany this track which is great as it shows just how imaginative these tunes are.
Overall opinion
Skanda Music has a vast body of work under their belt and they continue to create great music so there’s no sign of them fading away any time soon. The music they create is quite often nothing short of astounding with a variety of styles on offer. With the epic music scene, now more popular than ever, there will always be difficulties for production companies to when it comes to keeping ahead of the competition. Skanda music will have no problem holding their head up high amongst their rivals as they know how to create powerful music which contains loads of passion. 

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