Shockwave Sound

318459_287445934599435_512952812_aShockwave Sound biography

Shockwave Sound is a music production catalogue made up of a large number of talented composers
who all contribute their work to the site. As a team they have created some excellent tracks and
have been doing so since 2000.

The music of Shockwave Sound

There has been so much music which has been created by Shockwave Sound with many different
styles in the offing from Techno to more epic music. In Your Face is one of the upbeat tracks from
Shockwave Sound that borders on the epic side of things. For an awesome epic piece of music try
Polaris. This track uses a grand orchestra, guitars and big drums to good effect which makes for
a treat to the ears. Unspoken is another epic tune, one that would bring life to the world of film.
Don’t be fooled by the quiet first minute as the track develops into a rip roaring action fest. Another
example as to the variety of music on offer is a track called So Fresh, an uplifting tune with a funky
happy go lucky rhythm.

Overall opinion

There is no doubting the quality of music on offer from Shockwave Sound. They are an accomplished
group of musicians who really know how to create exiting and thought provoking tunes. The kind
of music on offer from Shockwave sound is perfect for a variety of purposes from film promotion to
exercise DVD’s.

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