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Sencit Music

Sencit Music

Artist Biography
Sencit music is one of the experts in the field of motion picture advertising. They have worked on such films as Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows and Cabin in the Woods. Besides films, Sencit music has also put together music for video games. They are known for their variety with a sound that ranges from hard hitting Hip Hop to traditional orchestral music. Sencit Music was formed by Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin who are the talent behind the tunes and the company is based in Los Angeles, California. They have several other composers working for them too.

Review of Sencit music
The Epic music genre is on the up and with the kind of tunes pumped out by Sencit Music it comes as no surprise. They have created a plethora of awe inspiring tracks and one of the latest pieces of film music to grace our ears comes with the trailer for Iron Man 3. The name of the track is something to Fight for and it is an emotionally stirring piece of music.
Their music for The Amazing Spiderman TV spot is an exceptional track and it shows that they are capable of changing their musical style with ease. A heavy use of synthesised sound is the order of the day here with an industrial essence similar to bands such as Linkin Park. The conflict begins is another great track which is full of suspense and drama.
Sencit Music has several albums to their name, one of which is available to the public.
Overall opinion
With plenty of soundtracks under their belt, Sencit Music is a fresh and welcome addition to the Epic Music scene. A good piece of music is capable of invoking emotion, whether it is excitement or a feeling of suspense. The talented composers at Sencit music are more than capable of achieving that and then some.

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