859710202514_cover.170x170-75LOS ANGELES -June 18, 2013—Sencit Music today released its first full-length public album Singularity from its Tenth Dimension trailer music catalog. Comprised of original epic, cinematic music and sound design from composers Mike Zarin, Anthony Baldino, Tony Hajjar and Chris Lane, cues from Singularity have recently been featured in the marketing campaigns for Star Trek: Into Darkness, Runner Runner, and White House Down.

Performed by the Budapest Film Orchestra, Singularity exploresthe fusion of live orchestra with electronic music and sound design, resulting in an intense, epic and emotional album, which stands on its own even outside the context of film or video game advertising.

“This is the first trailer music album we’ve approached as a concept album rather than a collection of genre-specific cues intended to be placed in a specific type of trailer,” said Sencit Music founder/producer Mike Zarin. “With the idea that humanity and technology can and will exist as one, our approach to the composition of this work as a whole was to create a seamless integration of humanity with all its imperfections, as represented by the orchestra, with the mechanics and calculated chaos of technology, as represented by the sound design and electronics. It’s completely fitting that the first placement from this record was into the Star Trek: Into Darkness Super Bowl spot!”

Singularity is available for download and streaming at most of the major music services, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and others. For more information on Singularity, the Tenth Dimension trailer music catalog, or Sencit Music log on to, or contact

Sencit Music is a complete music services company, offering the Tenth Dimension trailer music library, an evolving artist and production roster, as well as a team of composers for theatrical marketing, feature film and video game scoring

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