Scorched Score Music

Artist Biography

Scorched Score music is a record label that specializes in music for the big screen.  They have three volumes of inspired music available and all their music has been created by some of the best epic score writers in the field. Their music has been used in film trailers and the albums that are available to download are called Colossal Choirs, Invincible inspiration and Epic Thriller Hybrids.

Scorched Score Music review

With three exceptional albums behind them and another on the way, Scorched Score Music is fast becoming the forerunners in the world of epic music. There albums feature some of the most ambitious tunes around. Colossal Choirs started their run of success. Dark Salvation is just one of the excellent tracks to grace the first album. It’s a quirky affair with an interesting use of choir which heightens the mood and goes hand in hand with the orchestral side of things. Towering Nemesis further demonstrates the versatile nature of Scorched Core Music.

The next album, Invincible Inspirational changes the pace slightly with a more pleasant sound. Up on Gods Shoulders is an uplifting piece of music that features a fantastic sound. The vocals really add to the beauty of the music. Have my Heart continues with the mellow sound and the nice vocals are ever present.

Thriller Hybrids changes the pace with more of an upbeat sound. Corridors of Power is an up tempo fair which delivers a much different sound to the previous albums. Global Pursuit is a funky tune with a hip beat. It builds up nicely and brings with it an orchestral side that blends well with the other musical styles.

Overall opinion

Scorched Score Music has managed to build an impressive collection of epic tracks. The style of music on offer from one album to the next delivers enough variety to keep things interesting. This makes a change as the epic style of music can be a bit on the repetitive side. Their music is worth exploring especially for the avid epic music fan.

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