Ryan Hanifl – Globus interview

The lead singer in the epic rock band ‘Globus’ answered some questions from TMV and sheds some interesting light on the future of this band.

1) Even though the overall genre of your albums are ‘epic rock’, what other categories do you think this music would fall under?

 It’s hard to say. There is so much great music out there! I liken the same audience that enjoys bands like Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, The American Dollar & Florence and The Machine, or even Muse and NIN for that matter, would like the music of Globus. So wherever those bands fit in their perspective genres, I could imagine Globus might fit too.

2) What major differences are there between Epicon and Break From This World?

The major difference is Epicon was a 1st try at something new and involved a lot more collaborators. It’s approach was more about how does one take some existing material (i.e. Trailer Music) and make songs out them, but on an Epic level without being totally absurd? Break From This World really is a concept album, with a clear through-line song-wise, from start to finish, primarily written and realized by just Yoav. There’s no fat in the new album where Epicon was more of a “buffet” of things going on, primarily because it was Globus’ first time out of the start gate.

3)  What can you tell TMV regarding future developments for Globus?

Well the biggest difference looking toward the future is Globus now has a core group of musicians interested and invested in furthering the Globus sound. We also have a new female lead singer who will knock your socks off, in addition to the singers already featured on previous efforts. Globus is an actual band now, ready to perform, where before it really was more of a studio project. We hope the new live band and it’s core members will help take the music of Globus to new heights, not only with future new material that is written and produced, but also to actually make it a live performing band coming to a city near you…

4) How did you get involved in the Globus project?

Yoav and I work within the same industry and I introduced myself a couple years ago after the choir I was singing in at the time performed with Globus in Trailer Music Live at The Broad Stage in the summer of 2009 in Santa Monica. We’ve been flirting musically with one another ever since 🙂

5) Do you have any comments for Globus fans?

We really appreciate our fans, their enthusiasm, and patience, and really hope to tour soon. It’s just takes time getting all the pieces in order and keep spreading the music to new fans.

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