Russell Bell


We interviewed a new composer by the name of Russell Bell, who is on the rise. Read more about him here in the interview!

How did you become involved in composing trailer music?

I’ve been writing in this style for many years in one form or another and more recently, i have been involved in music for some small game promos,corporate work and very shortly, big network TV promos and trailer spots.Because this music has such a high impact nature and its so important that this music completely captivates the audience for that 90 secs or so, it really appealed to me as a challenge! you have to convince the world to see something in that 90 seconds do or die.

Who were/are your sources of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is a collective of film composers.strictly speaking, the main film composer rarely has much to do with the promotional music ie the trailer, but some of the most exciting composers right now such as Hans Zimmer,John Powell,James Newton Howard etc, really do draw you into those high octane scenes and deeply emotive cues that sweep you away in a relatively short period of time.I find a majority of this kind of influence from these big composer invariably trickles down into trailer music and due to the strong source material, its hardly surprising.

 What can you tell TMV about future plans for this music?

The immediate plans are to really start pushing into 2012 and make this the year i stop making small moves and start believing in the big significant ones.My agent is currently working flat out to secure me the placements and promotional opportunities. I’m currently in discussion with a big US tv network to secure the position of scoring for several of their top shows.its one of those watch this space moments.

If your music were to be used in trailer/movie, what would the theme be?

      I know its a crowded market, but i really do enjoy very rich,high action paced i would most love to have my music applied to exciting action movies like the Bourne movies and films that turn your head upside down like Inception.

         I think to be associated with one of these big moments in cinematic history is an honour. It doesnt have the esteemed position of the main score for a movie, and in all fairness thats to be expected.
Im writing 90 seconds of instant full on and these guys are spending 2-3 months writing 2 hours+ of very intricate and defined music.But for what we do in this specialised market, i enjoy every one of those seconds!

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