Robert Etoll Productions: Q-Factory

Robert Etoll Production’s Q-Factory is a high-end music library for film and television advertising. The Q-Factory catalogue focuses primarily on trailer music compositions for the highly challenging and aggressive film and television advertising market. It is described as a music library that appears above the rest in excellence and quality. They understand the specific needs of their customers and properly craft their product to meet those needs. Their objective is to provide cutting-edge, high-impact music and sound design in an audio style that covers “the entire emotional spectrum in a number of musical styles —from dark and intense to high energy to intimate and heartfelt.” 

Robert Etoll

An exciting fact is that Robert Etoll has been in the trailer music business for over 20 years. The company was established in the early Nineties. Etoll was one of the first to reply to the growing desire of movie trailer manufacturers and publishers for high-quality, easily licensable, unique cues and an aggressive, influential audio style at their convenience.

There are three current releases produced under the Q-banner available on iTunes and Amazon Music. The latest releases are Final Reckoning and Electro Dubstep. Be sure to follow Robert Etoll on
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Happy listening!

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