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Artist Biography

RipTide Music are a Los Angeles based Production Company that specialize in the curation of a boutique catalog, representing the music from over 200 experienced composers for placement in film, TV, video games and advertising. RipTide Music also produces unique epic-hybrid albums with a few select composers in their catalog for the purpose of film advertising.  They have produced music for such high profile blockbuster movies as The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman and The Amazing Spiderman to name but a few.
About the music
The types of tracks produced by RipTide Music are loud, beautiful, brash and above all exciting. They certainly excel in dramatic music as exemplified by the track, They Came from the Blue. This is most certainly a driving tune that gradually builds up tension throughout. The rhythmic machine drum beats and the pulse pounding orchestra make for an awesome tune. This is the mainstay for most of their music which isn’t a bad thing. It’s the kind of music that stirs the imagination particularly tracks such as End of the Reign. There is no doubting that this track is well suited to the realms of TV and Film. RipTide music has produced different types of music, sometimes dipping into various genres. One track in particular, Cycler, has a much funkier sound compared with the aforementioned tracks. It doesn’t have the same movie style to those tracks; instead it delves into the world of techno. It’s nice to hear a bit of variety on the Epic music scene. Babel is a track that swings in a different direction, being a bit more dramatic than Cycler.
Stand out tracks
RipTide music has many great tracks to their name with enough variety to suit most tastes. One of the best tracks is Full Circle, a slightly heavy tune with plenty of punch. A nod must also go to a track called, For the Fallen. This tune starts off pretty quiet but it quickly builds into a powerful piece. It may be slow and steady but it retains a lot of emotion at its core.
Overall opinion
From listening to a selection of work by the RipTide musicians it is clear that they are passionate about creating music. They are more than worth checking out for their Epic sound and for the variety that is on offer.

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