Rick Horrocks Interview

Meet Rick Horrocks

How did you compose production music?

I’ve been in to film music from about the age of 8 when I first watched Ron Howard’s ‘Backdraft’ and was taken in by the music. If I remember correctly ‘The Lion King’ was released shortly after and I recognized the type of music as it sounded very similar to Backdraft. From there I was introduced to Hans Zimmer’s other work and it was shortly afterwards that I decided that writing music like that was something I wanted to pursue myself. I started to take an interest in other composers and over recent years, trailer music companies such as Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music etc.

What inspires you?

My inspiration is driven by the desire for others to appreciate and enjoy my music. The feedback I receive from my fans motivates me further to continue doing what I love.

What are your thoughts on trailer music?

In my opinion, trailer music is important for first impressions. It sets the tone for the production and if delivered correctly can increase viewer interest. For this reason, I particularly enjoy writing trailer music as it can demonstrate my true potential in a relatively short space of time.

Do you have any comments for the fans?

Please carry on supporting me as you have been with the shares/likes/comments. It’s because of you guys that this genre of music is becoming more popular. Most of all I thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned and keep listening!

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