The sky darkened while the flames raged out of control.

The deafening noise of the bridges falling down and the smell of burning flesh was a sign that the enemy caught us off quard !

We came too late ! The city was falling to ruins. But there was still hope for some survivors.  My men were on alert, ready to face anyone and anything that would get on our way.

My job…my mission was to rescue as many as I could !  I saw her lying helpless in the debris, I took her in my arms. She was so frightened and delicate, like porcelain ready to crack.

I began to run…run as fast as I could, to the shelters. She would be safe there with the others.. at least for now.

But I had to hurry…WE had to hurry  ! Our mission was not over…not as long as we could feel the breath of the enemy down our neck.

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