Radical Music releases Volume 2

It’s radical dude! Meet Radical Music, a music house that specializes in licensing musical content for all platforms of media including film, television, commercials, trailers, gaming, mobile and record production. The Company represents A-level composers and songwriters and owns thousands of compositions ranging from production music to high-end orchestral pieces, which are available for worldwide licensing.

Whether it is sound design, post-sound production, original music compilation, or any other musical objective, Radical Music has the resources, experience, and vision to support all compositional objectives. The first album, titled Volume 1: Compilation was a collection of standard trailer music cues released a few months back. Now, they have released their second volume.

You can audition this set on SoundCloud. The album has a mix of action, adventure, and everything in between. Volume 2 isn’t  a public release, as its primary purpose was for media advertising.  For licensing information, you can contact Radical Music at licensing@radicalmusic.com.

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